Leadership California has selected Amy Kardel, Co-Founder & President of Clever Ducks as a member of the Class of 2018 for its 2018 California Issues & Trends Program (CIT). This is a prestigious, yearlong program for 60 women leaders from across the state of California.

The California Issues & Trends Program provides focused programming for women leaders, exposing them to critical public and private sector issues and enhancing their competitive knowledge on California from state, national and global perspectives.  It connects women leaders from across the state with each other and with top decision-makers, thought leaders and practitioners.  It promotes creativity and innovation through the sharing of ideas and best practices.  The 1,600 Alumnae of the CIT are empowered to contribute more fully to California’s vision for the future and to the communities and companies in which they live and work.

Leadership California began in 1992 with a dream to inspire, inform, and advance women leaders who would influence California’s future. It provides a critical pathway for successful women who care about advancement, achievement, and significance.  These women are not only talking about change, but plan to be part of making it happen.  Alumnae serve on nonprofit boards and are knowledgeable appointees for state boards and commissions.

They are on FB at https://www.facebook.com/leadershipcalifornia/