Last week, a friend of mine was at Target when he came across a gal intently shopping gift cards. She was snapping pics and frantically texting someone, clearly in a hurry. Something felt off to him. So he engaged her, spinning a story about picking up a Christmas gift for his sister. She shared that her boss had randomly reached out, asking her to pick up $250 worth of gift cards for staff appreciation. BINGO – that’s what he was worried about. He gently told her that this is a common scam, especially around the holidays, and encouraged to confirm the request was coming from her boss. Unsurprisingly, it had not come from her boss at all – someone was impersonating him.

The holidays are a hectic time for everyone – mistakes are easy to make.

Keep off Security Santa’s naughty list with these tips:

1. Be suspicious of texts and emails you receive about online purchases. It’s easy to click a link thinking it’s the tracking information for Grandpa’s new tackle box, when really, you’re the one that’s being phished.

2. Keep an eye on your bank statements. SLOPD reported this week that multiple skimmer devices being found around town. Use Apple/Android pay where you can and configure transaction alerts. Reach out if you don’t know how!

3. Protect your personal information especially if traveling for holidays. You don’t want a Home Alone situation on your hands though I’m sure the Wet Bandits would love the heads up that you’re out of town!


The Golden Rule: If it seems off, it probably is. Stay curious and ask questions!

Merry Encrypt-mas from all of us at Clever Ducks!