What’s new? We’re getting a lot of media coverage

We have spent the last 20 plus years becoming experts in providing business technology for small business computer users in our region of the Central Coast of California. Recently, the national press has been asking us what we have to say about running an IT services business. We’re excited that they asked and wanted to share some excerpts. Click on the logos for links to the full articles.

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From the article: Tech Firms Hit by Summer Doldrums: Survey

A “summertime slowdown is common, because many smaller business clients take their foot off the gas in the summer,” Amy Kardel, chair of CompTIA’s board of directors, said in a statement. She said IT firms should try to plan ahead by locking in scheduled projects over the summer, in order to even out revenue.



From the article: The secret to boosting women in IT? Men

Amy Kardel, chairwoman of the CompTIA Board of Directors and co-founder of IT services company Clever Ducks, says the trust and confidence she gained from a pivotal male ally sparked her desire to play a similar role for others, regardless of gender. “Leaders help other leaders,” says Kardel. “I’ve really become intentional about who’s ahead of me that can help me learn and who’s behind me that needs my help to learn.”



From the article: 3 Steps To Armor Your Computer Against Hackers & Ransomware

Many small business leaders felt growing unease but were comforted by reasoning they were too small to go after. “No one cares about our data” was a common refrain. That is so last year.



From the article: Business influencers: What guides your IT channel decisions?
Kardel: I have two roles: I’m chairwoman of the board of CompTIA, [and] I’m also founder and owner of Clever Ducks. One of top influencers in my role at Clever Ducks is HTG Peer Groups. For close to 10 years, I’ve been in a group of 12 other MSP owners across the country and we meet quarterly. We do things like benchmark our P&L against our peer companies and information from an industry financial reporting group that aggregates data anonymously

It’s a tightknit group. I compare it to being in a college dorm with someone you really know and live with. It’s a great source of information and knowledge. Information is easily obtained these days, but what we really want when we make business decisions is knowledge. … We email each other day and night.