Most of us have had it, that sinking feeling as you see your email inbox filled with 10’s, 100’s or even 1000’s of emails. That feeling, we call that email overload.
What do you do to cure email overload? Well, we found ten tips from Life Hacker to help you cure the dreaded situation.

10. Get to Know Your Email Client
9. Learn Your Email Values
8. Filter Priority Messages
7. Don’t Check It Too Often
6. Respond In a Timely Manner
5. Keep It Under Control When You’re On Vacation
4. Use Text Expansion to Save Yourself Hours of Typing
3. Learn to Use the Search Function
2. Get Rid of Unwanted Spam
1. Triage Your Email to an Empty Inbox does a great job touching on some of the most important issues we face with email overload.  Since we all value relationships with the people on the other end of all those emails, but are often racing the clock as demands stream in (not just through email), gives some great ways to address email  efficiently, with clarity and care.  There are also tips addressing email habits when you’re on vacation to avoid returning to a potential load of stress in your inbox and much more. Check out the article for more.

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