~ This is a cautionary tale, for those who do not know, what 2 Factor Authentication is, or the story of Grandpa Joe.

Grandpa Joe was proud to say, he could use the Internet in the very same way, as all the young kids these days. He had online banking, email with Outlook, he even got himself a Facebook.

However, unfortunately, Joe’s memory was not what it used to be, which is why he used the same password for all three.The importance of 2 Factor Authentication

One day, disaster struck, and a hacker figured out Joe’s passwords were all Cleverduck!  Grandpa Joe was out of luck!

Hackers can cause irate frustration, they are a problem that is sweeping the nation, but that is why there is 2 Factor Authentication!

So don’t be like Grandpa Joe, keep your accounts safe and stay in the know! ~


What is 2 Factor Authentication?

2 Factor Authentication is a second layer of security when logging into your accounts.

For example: When you are logging into your email, you must type in your email and password.  However, instead of going straight into your email account, you might receive a text message on your phone with a one time, 6-digit code that you must enter before gaining access into your account.


Why Should You Use 2 Factor Authentication?

With the technological age we are in, so much of our personal information is stored in accounts online.  Because of this, hackers are constantly discovering new ways to breach accounts and gain access to the private information and data.

By adding a 2 Factor Authentication to your accounts, even if your username and password are compromised, your account will be inaccessible to the hacker because they will not possess the physical device, such as your phone, to complete the second authentication.

Many sites offer a 2 Factor Authentication option, and we highly recommend enabling it whenever possible.

~ The lesson of Grandpa Joe is one to heed.  2 Factor Authentication is indeed what you need, and from the worry of hackers, you will be freed! ~

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