IT professionals keep our business and life going, and recently CompTIA ( the global association for IT professionals) announced the week of July 25th-July 29th as IT Pro Appreciation week. CompTia issued a global “thank you” to IT professionals around the globe, acknowledging all they do to help keep this technology driven world going.

“The digital life that keeps us connected, informed and entertained would not be possible without the technology professionals who too often work behind the scenes and are noticed only when something goes wrong,” said Todd Thibodeaux, president and CEO, CompTIA. “These skilled workers are craftsmen and women of the highest order, dedicated to their profession, committed to helping others and capable of great innovation and thinking.” (Ref)

Amy Kardel added, “IT workers help their employers to use technology to its fullest capabilities, which allows them to improve productivity, operate more efficiently and innovate faster…We’re excited and pleased to recognize the contributions made by the IT pro community.”

Read more about Global IT day on Yahoo!



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