GoPro has created an action cam addiction among many people. With the popularity of the action cam community, many companies have come out with competitors to the famous “Hero” camera line.

Intova X Camera Front1453140998000_IMG_576534In addition to action sports, an action cam can be an excellent tool for capturing video quickly for your business’ blog or social media accounts.We recently found a deal on one of the main GoPro competitors cameras, the Intova Edge X. The Edge X is a waterproof action cam that is targeted towards the scuba diver community, but don’t let the marketing fool you; this is a great camera for daily use.

We found this great camera for only $129! To put that in perspective, the least expensive GoPro is the Hero for $129.99 and sports significantly fewer features than the Edge X.

The Edge X features 1080p60 recording, 12mp pictures a 1.5″ LCD screen and built-in WiFi remote control. The GoPro Hero has 1080p30, no LCD screen and only takes 5mp still pictures.

After putting this camera through a few tests, one other thing stuck out. This camera features more buttons than the GoPro and has simplified menu navigation by add1454013967000_IMG_580906ing dedicated menu scrolling buttons.

So what’s the catch? The catch is that Intova recently discontinued this model for the X2, which increases the still camera resolution and adds a front flash. Because of this, the X can be found on sale for ridiculously low prices. Whether you have an action cam, or this is your first one, get one for this crazy price before they are gone!

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