In a recent article with ITChannel, I had the opportunity to discuss the importance of certifications in the IT field. At Clever Ducks, we have developed a certification path for our employees that increases not only their skill set but also increases their confidence and morale.

We hold certifications as one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when discussing employee recruitment as well as retention and development.

IT Certification board“One of the trends I’ve observed over the past several years is that while we receive a steady stream of applications from candidates with ample work experience, far too few have earned IT industry certifications. While experience is certainly important, certifications are too. First, certifications are a great way for employees to prove themselves against recognized standards. Additionally, certifications show that candidates are coachable, flexible in learning, and that they are keeping themselves up to date with their jobs. For example, rather than merely demonstrating that a candidate has worked at the same job doing the same tasks for the past several years, IT industry certifications allow candidates to show milestones of growth during that time.” (REF)

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