The age of mobile has enabled us to have our entire digital life with us wherever we go, creating one little issue, battery life.  We have all watched the scene unfold; a co-worker is on their phone when the dreaded red battery pops up. With less than 20% of battery life left Sabrent 10 port usb chargerthey frantically search for a USB plug and an outlet to plug into, hoping they can continue for the rest of the day.

With so many devices, it can often be difficult to get them all the full charge they need. Assuming the average person has a cell phone, tablet, and one other USB charging device (GoPro anyone?), your typical home in America would have between 6-12 USB charged devices. Then there’s the office of 10 people that may have 30-40 devices that need to be plugged in throughout the day.  We have discovered the ultimate solution to your battery charging woes, the Sabrent 10 Port USB Rapid Charger.

Sabrent 10 port usb charger plugged inThis little device,yes it is only 3.8″x1.9″x2.1″, easily fits in the palm of your hand and can charge up to 10 devices with one wall outlet while maximizing charging speed with Smart Port Technology. Aside from Smart Port Technology, the Sabrent 10 Port Rapid Charger also features overcharge protection and can charge just about any device that uses a USB cable to charge.

So go ahead, be the charging hero of your home or office and never be without a charging port again!

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