Presented by Nick, Clever Ducks Service Technician

A Common Misconception is that your INBOX is to blame for all your Mailbox Usage.

Not true! Every one of your folders (Inbox, Deleted Items, Sent Mail, Drafts, Junk, etc.) contributes to and effects Mailbox Usage

So, what are your options if you get a “Your Mailbox is Almost Full” message?

1. Go to your “Deleted Items” folder, look through and permanently delete emails to free up Usage (Don’t worry if you later decide you need something that you deleted, Outlook allows you to recover any deleted items for 30 days – just select “Recover Deleted Items from Server” – at the top, left of the HOME tab section)

2. Use Microsoft Outlook’s “Mailbox Cleanup” – located in the FILE tab section

Click “Mailbox Cleanup” and select from the following three choices:

-Archive…Move old items to Archive Folders

-Empty Deleted Items Folder…Permanently delete all items in the Deleted Items Folder with one click

-Mailbox Cleanup…Manage mailbox size with advanced tools (including an itemized list of each mailbox folder and the usage attributed to it)

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