TechUp SLO

TechUp SLO Is a completely free online technology course and private Facebook group, that offers residents of SLO county foundational technology knowledge that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Whether you are already established in your career, looking for the first steps in a possible new career, or a high school student exploring career options, everyone can benefit from a better understanding of technology.

TechUp SLO is virtually hosted by Clever Ducks in cooperation with SLO Partners, and leverages the IT Foundations (ITF+) curriculum from CompTIA (the global leader in technology training and certifications).

CompTIA is offering the ITF+ curriculum at no cost (for a limited time) so this is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your tech skill set.

Who is TechUp SLO for?

Established Career

If you are already established in your career, but are feeling a little behind the curve when it comes to technology, TechUp SLO is perfect for you. Build a technology foundation that will help you in your current career!

Looking for a new Career

If you know it is time for a new career path, and want to start exploring technology, TechUp SLO is for you. The technology foundation you gain from the program will lay the foundation for your journey.

Student Interested in Tech

If you are in High School and have thought about Technology as a career path, TechUp SLO is a great way for you to start putting the pieces together for your future. You can even achieve your first IT certification!

TechUp SLO includes:


  • CompTIA ITF+ Traning Access for 30 Days
  • Access to the TechUp SLO Facebook Group, hosted by Clever Ducks for questions, comments, and networking
  • Access to additional tech resources

What Essential Tech Skills Will I Learn?

Focus on essential IT skills and knowledge.

Operating Systems

Using features and functions of common operating systems and establishing network connectivity.

Foundational Software

Learn to identify common software applications and their purpose.

Web Browsing and Security Best Practices

From browsing the web to sending emails, you will learn how to stay safe and secure. 


Do I already have to have tech training or knowledge?

No! TechUp SLO uses the CompTIA Fundamentals curriculum which is an entry-level curriculum. So regardless of where you are on your tech journey, you can benefit from this course. 

Who is TechUp SLO for?

Although TechUp SLO could be beneficial for just about anyone, those who will benefit the most are:

  • People looking to gain skills for a new career
  • People in an established career that want to get a better tech foundation
  • Students exploring technology as a career option
How is the training delivered?

The training is delivered via CompTia’s online learning system. 

Are there any costs?

At this time, there are no costs. For a limited time, CompTIA is offering the ITF+ training for free and the private Facebook group will be open to all participants at no charge. 

What happens after I finish the program?

After you are done with the program you do have the option to take the CompTIA ITF+ Certification exam.

In addition, if you decide that a career in IT is something you want to pursue, we would recommend exploring our other local partners for continued IT training.

SLO Partners

Cuesta College

How do I get started?

It’s easy! Simply fill out the form on this page and check your email inbox for the next steps.

Who is CompTIA?

CompTIA is the world’s leading tech training and certification association. You can find out more about them here

Who is Clever Ducks?

Clever Ducks has been serving the computer and technology needs of San Luis Obispo businesses since 1992! Learn more about us here

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