I was on a webinar the other day, straining to hear the presentation. No, my hearing isn’t going bad, it was the awful audio that made it feel like I was listening to the presentation underwater. Many businesses rely on webinars and Skype to keep in touch with team members across the country and to stay up-to-date on the latest trends through online learning opportunities. Despite the convenience of handling a national or global enterprise from the comfort of your office, these efforts are thwarted by terrible audio!

But WHY do we put up with it? One day, I decided enough is enough. It’s time to be heard. I began my quest to find the perfect audio solution for my GoToMeetings and Skype calls.

After doing some research and asking my friends, I settled on a truly cost-effective solution — let’s face it, you need to invest in solid audio, but no one wants to spend a million dollars to solve the problem.

Anyway, I came across the Rode NT-USB microphone. This mic is awesome and has a great price point of only $160. For that amount of money, you’ll get a USB Plug & Play microphone with studio-quality sound, and it also comes with a stand & wind screen. That’s a lot of bang for your buck!
Now the question to ask yourself is: Why aren’t you getting one of these? Stop torturing people on your calls. Be heard, loud and clear. Grab one today!

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