Employment Opportunities: Client Success Administrator

New Opening!


Is this You? 

You are passionate about process.  If you can do something more efficiently, you do.  You love to organize, make lists and tick off boxes, and the people in your life look to you to know where things are, because you always know.  At the same time, you love people.  You’re happy when others are happy, and their success is your success, so they know they can trust and depend on you as a critical member of the team.  You don’t let people down. 

Your Typical Workday 

You arrive at the office around 8 am.  An open collaborative floorplan with multiple workspaces, the office space allows you to choose a café table to start your day.  With your laptop open and your fresh cup of coffee from our caffeine shrine, you check emails from clients prior to joining the daily all-hands meeting.  You know them all like family – both your clients and your coworkers.  Everything is humming along nicely, just as you like. 

At the meeting, one of the senior technicians brings up an issue with one of your clients.  You know the situation and you chime in with information that’s critical to the team.  You immediately assign yourself action items and communicate those.  In 30 seconds it’s resolved the next steps are known, and everyone knows you are on top of it.

After that you work through your day overseeing administrative processes, purchasing and receiving, assisting the executive staff, and helping clients.  For lunch, you have over 60 local restaurants to choose from, and of course, after work, there’s Farmer’s Market, concerts, and events going on all the time in Downtown SLO. 


  • Associate degree or equivalent experience. 
  • Exceptional organizational skills 
  • Three or more years’ experience working in an office environment 
  • Extensive customer service experience 
  • Ability to represent Clever Ducks and communicate professionally 
  • Skills with MS Office 

Personality traits desired: 

* Professional, trustworthy, productive, fun, humble, systematic, organized, conscientious, polite, team player, reliable, multi-tasking, flexible, reassuring & confident with clients, patient, and proactive.

Job parameters: 

  • Full-time position, 8-5 core hours, flex time around those core hours 
  • Must have a valid CA driver’s license & reliable vehicle 
  • 85% onsite; 15% around SLO County (mileage reimbursed) 
  • Able to lift 250 pounds (just kidding), but 25 pounds is normal 
  • Company utility bike use is optional but encouraged 
  • Complete benefits package, paid time off, and competitive hourly wage position 

About Us 

Scores of local companies and organizations depend on Clever Ducks every day, and they trust us because we’re not only very good, but very different.  We take a concierge approach to technology, and in order to achieve that we are very selective in building our team.  It takes something very special to be a Duck, and to serve customers at the level of excellence upon which we have built our reputation.  We’re the best because of our people, and we know it. 

If you think you’d make a good member of our team, we’d like to hear from you.  Email [email protected] and let’s grab a cup of coffee & chat.