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"Get excited! We mean it when we say we're committed to excellence at Clever Ducks. We pursue win, win, win solutions that place our clients ahead of the competition, enable our company to grow and strengthen our relationships in the community. Most of our new clients come to us by referral, and we are very keen on living up to our strong reputation."

Peter K. Kardel
CEO/CTO and author of
"How to do an Excellent Job in IT"

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Who We Are

Clever Ducks is a professional IT services company, located in San Luis Obispo, California offering a proven service portfolio for clients looking for simple monitoring solutions to complete outsourced IT.

Since 1992, Clever Ducks has put its business clients ahead of their competition and in charge of their data with reliable and efficient information technology solutions. An industry-leading consulting firm, Clever Ducks seamlessly integrates security protection, enhanced communications, disaster recovery and data management into your existing computer network and provides the IT support you need to succeed.

What We Do

Clever Ducks designs, builds and supports computer networks for small and medium sized businesses. Our solutions are focused on:

  • Enhanced Communication
  • Business Process and Data Protection
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Management

We understand business and have experience with what works in the real world to give your business a competitive advantage through technology. Our monitoring means we will know if you have a problem before you do, so we can shorten the time to resolution. Time is money. Downtime is bigger money.

Clever Ducks fly in formation, as a team, working together with you to get further, faster. We use our experience and technical skills in order to give your business the power to fly.

How We Do It

First, we listen to what our clients need. Then we assign small, dedicated teams to each client. We feel tighter teams deliver the best possible service to our clients and improve collaboration and accountability. We want you to know your Technical Lead and "Wingman" as well as your administrative team so you can build an even better relationship with your formation.

Peter Kardel serves as CTO and consults with clients as needed for planning, project oversight and design. We have the highest confidence in our people and processes.

Our projects are implemented through a 5-step process to maximize efficiency and ensure quality outcomes:

  • Discovery
    • Site survey
    • Customer and vendor interviews
  • Architecture
    • Design
    • Specification
    • Planning
    • Technical review and approval of project and plan
  • Building
    • Prefield check and burn in of equipment
    • Bench build out as applicable
    • Verification on dependencies (vendors, utilities, facilities)
  • Installation
    • Deployment
    • In place testing with customer
    • Onsite assistance for go live
  • Quality Assurance
    • Technical QA review
    • Customer Interview
    • Project signoff