Email Mastery: When to use “To” and “CC” to Save Time

By Amy Kardel Director Clever Ducks Email is the lifeblood of small business and an important technology productivity booster. One of the best ways to prevent email overload is to properly address email. By sticking to the standard conventions for who goes in the “To”... read more

The Strongest [data] Defense is a Good Backup

By Peter Kardel You’ve taken all of the reasonable steps that are currently available to you to protect your small business from cyber attacks, but you still feel a hint of unease.  What if you missed something or a new way of getting through takes you down . . . ... read more

2 Factor Authentication for Facebook and Google

2 Factor Authentication for Facebook and Google If you have already experienced the feeling of being hacked, then you already know how sickening and scary that feeling can be. It not only means that someone has access to your private messages and account information,... read more

How to Setup 2 Factor Authentication on LinkedIn

According to Matt Burgess of WIRED magazine, “Security researchers have discovered more than 117 million account details being sold on data sharing websites in recent weeks – and the hack could affect up to 167 [million] customers.”  It is believed that much of... read more

What’s Keeping Your IT Guy Up at Night?

By Peter Kardel IT people tend to be control freaks.  That’s good.  You want that locked-down, buttoned up, backups covered, everything triple-checked when it comes to your business IT. Your amazing customer service depends on it, your reputation is protected by it. ... read more

The Investment that lasts!

By Jill Bilich We’ve all seen that person at work. They may sit right next to you or across the room, but no matter where they are in the office, you can just tell they shouldn’t be there today.  Their entire face is showing a lack of life, they may appear a bit... read more

3 Free Utilities To Keep Your Computer Running Nice & Smooth

Nick shows you how to use 3 free utilities to keep your computer running nice and smooth. Here are the links: Name Phone Email Address Message Message 8 + 12 = Submit If you are interested in... read more

3-2-1 Backup!

Do not be too far forward. Instead, backup. -Confitius For as long as there has been data, there has been a need to keep another copy somewhere safe. While the medium has changed greatly from rocks to animal skins to papyrus to paper and eventually on to digital... read more

Email Overload? Here are 10 Tips To Help Cure You.

Most of us have had it, that sinking feeling as you see your email inbox filled with 10’s, 100’s or even 1000’s of emails. That feeling, we call that email overload. What do you do to cure email overload? Well, we found ten tips from Life Hacker to... read more

Email Mastery Tip: A Meaningful Subject Line

We all know how little time readers have to scan their email inboxes and decide if they are going to delete or read an email. When you need an action, it is best to ask for that in the subject line with a simple line such as:   It only takes a minute of thought to... read more

Communication is Everything

By Shannon Stamey, Client Success Manager Your team is growing, departments are developing, and it feels like you’re the captain of a ship where everyone is running around the deck to keep the ship moving in the right direction. Once your crew takes up the... read more

What is 2 Factor Authentication and Why Should You Use It?

~ This is a cautionary tale, for those who do not know, what 2 Factor Authentication is, or the story of Grandpa Joe. Grandpa Joe was proud to say, he could use the Internet in the very same way, as all the young kids these days. He had online banking, email with... read more