Our office and lab is located in downtown San Luis Obispo

Clever Ducks
1313 Broad Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
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Ph: 805 543 1930
Fax: 805 543 5760

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About Us

Clever Ducks is a professional IT services company, located in San Luis Obispo, California offering a proven service portfolio for clients looking for simple monitoring solutions to complete outsourced IT.

Since 1992, Clever Ducks has put its business clients ahead of their competition and in charge of their data with reliable and efficient information technology solutions. An industry-leading consulting firm, Clever Ducks seamlessly integrates security protection, enhanced communications, disaster recovery and data management into your existing computer network and provides the IT support you need to succeed.

Our Name

We changed our name in July 2007 from Computer Network Services to Clever Ducks. It's more memorable, has a better URL and represents our team work philosophy. The sight of a group of ducks soaring high in the sky in a "V" formation is a familiar one, but what you may not know is why ducks fly in this formation. Migrating in "V" formation makes it easier for each individual bird to fly, allowing the group to fly up to 70% farther than flying solo. In this formation, the birds play different roles depending on their positions. When the lead duck gets tired, the birds rotate so that another can take the lead. The birds flying behind quack to encourage those in front to keep up their speed.

With such a natural tendency for cooperation, these social animals have something valuable to teach us about teamwork and compassion and we thought they were a great metaphor for how we work. We come along side our clients as a team and we work as a team, so that we can go farther.

To learn about the technical details of how a "V" formation works maximizing advantages of upwash and wing vortices, see www.aerospaceweb.org.

How to Get Support

New Clients:
Contact sales@cleverducks.com. We’d love to see if we can help with your IT needs.

Existing Clients:
Email for support to helpdesk@cleverducks.com is automatically routed to the assigned formation. Our helpdesk system lets us assign and track your issue through to resolution. Of course, you are always welcome to call 805.543.1930 and we'll create a request for you. Plus we have on call phone coverage 24-7, so we can help when you need it most. Note that leaving voicemail on a tech's cell phone or in their voicemail is not the fastest way to get service, as it bypasses our dispatcher and helpdesk system.

Phone: 805-543-1930

Monday-Friday 8-5
24/7 on call service available